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EFC 68 MMA Championship in Cape Town, South Africa | Photography by David Lazarus
Quick Tips for Action Photography
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Anyone can and should become a photographer – but it takes time to go beyond the simple point-and-shoot. To capture images seemingly frozen in a split second, you need to…

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Zuma Must Fall: Cape Town [Photos]
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DLPHOTO photographer David Lazarus joined in Cape Town’s anti-Zuma march to capture some history in the making. With over 20 000 people of all types marching in the greater Cape area,…

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Model Release Forms Explained [Template Download]
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If you’re a photographer working with human subjects, you need to protect yourself and your work with a model release.

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Man Learns Photography Without A Camera
A Self-Taught Photographer’s Life On The Fringe
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Donato Di Camillo is a self-taught professional photographer known for his gritty portraits from the heart of New York City. But what makes his career different from others is that…

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