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How to Plan a Photo Shoot
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The client tells the photographer what they want, but it’s the photographer that tells the client what’s possible. Do your homework, and you’ll look like a pro at every stage of your photo shoot.

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Film Permits & Location Shooting in Cape Town
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Producing a shoot, whether for a movie or a commercial or just one still, can be a complicated process.  Before you find the perfect shot, you need to find the…

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Scenic Spots: Top 10 Photo Locations in Cape Town
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Cape Town is home to some of South Africa’s most spectacular scenery and iconic locations. Whether you’re a tourist or local, there’s a multitude of hots spots to inspire a lifetime of photography.

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Tips for Photographing Cape Wildflowers
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With the Cape spring comes the bloom of thousands of Cape Wildflowers, attracting nature-lovers and photographers alike. Here’s some tips for taking stellar photos on your travels.

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Taking Photos at Cape Town’s Golden Hour
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The ‘Golden Hour’ is that magical time when photographers come out, the first or last hour of sunlight in a day, when the sun’s position produces a soft and warm light with longer shadows.

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Photo by David Lazarus
Mayibuye Impilo Yami [Photos]
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On Easter Sunday 2017, DLPHOTO photographer David Lazarus headed to Phillippi Stadium for Mayibuye Impilo Yami (‘Claim Back Your Life’), presented by the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God…

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Man Learns Photography Without A Camera
A Self-Taught Photographer’s Life On The Fringe
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Donato Di Camillo is a self-taught professional photographer known for his gritty portraits from the heart of New York City. But what makes his career different from others is that…

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5 Tips To Better Landscape Photography
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Despite Instagram’s best efforts, a sunset never gets old, and landscape photography remains one of the most popular streams of the artform. Here’s a few tips to better your captures.

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Photo by David Lazarus
Get Ready For Summer With These Swimwear Fashion Shoot Tips
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Make your photographer the king of the beach this summer with these tips for your next swimwear fashion shoot.

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