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How to Plan a Photo Shoot
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The client tells the photographer what they want, but it’s the photographer that tells the client what’s possible. Do your homework, and you’ll look like a pro at every stage of your photo shoot.

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Fashion photography by David Lazarus
Creating Your Modeling Portfolio
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A strong portfolio is the model’s greatest marketing tool. But before you get the job, before you even get the agency – you need the look.

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Model Release Forms Explained [Template Download]
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If you’re a photographer working with human subjects, you need to protect yourself and your work with a model release.

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How To Pose Like A Pro Model
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International model Coco Rocha show us how to work a fashion shoot with 19 poses in 30 seconds.

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How To Be Confident On Camera
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The truth is that being yourself is one of the keys to being confident and engaging on camera. Being natural requires you to practice until it feels like the camera…

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Photo by John Schell
A Guide To Working With Male Models
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Working with male models is a challenge. US lifestyle photographer John Schell breaks down the unique challenges of shooting male models, from concept to styling and lighting to post.

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