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Become a photographer with DLPHOTO School & Studio
Give the Gift of Photography this Father’s Day
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If you’re looking for gift ideas for a special someone, the many options at DLPHOTO School & Studio can provide for just about anyone – whether they want to be behind the camera or in front of it, with workshops for beginner to pro and portraits for the individual and families.

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EFC 68 MMA Championship in Cape Town, South Africa | Photography by David Lazarus
Quick Tips for Action Photography
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Anyone can and should become a photographer – but it takes time to go beyond the simple point-and-shoot. To capture images seemingly frozen in a split second, you need to…

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April Schools: Become A Photographer in One Week
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Discover new potential this April with DLPHOTO – taking your photography from Beginner to Pro in one week for only R3000 Become a photographer in just four sessions and unlock a…

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Cape Town’s Best Photography Courses
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Find the best course for you in this rundown of Cape Town’s top photography schools.

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Sign Up for Beginner To Pro
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Save 10% off Beginner To Pro with group courses on Saturday mornings.

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Marketing Your Photography Business
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Learn the business beyond photography, and find the balance between marketing, networking and being creative to establish a career in the industry.

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