Information About Corporate Event Photography
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Corporate photography is an evolving offering in commercial photography. Even though it’s a subsection of commercial photography, it’s still differs greatly from other commercial photography services. Corporate photography is extremely…

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How to Handle Image Theft
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Just consider how satisfied you are with your photography work and the accolades that accompany your proudly achieved works… not to mention the compliments that often accompany it. Despite whether…

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High-Speed Photography Guide to Better Photos
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What is high-speed photography? High-speed photography is capturing the moments that happen in a fraction of time which you can’t see with the naked eye, like a bursting balloon or…

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Black and White Photography Tips
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Black and white photography has become less and less popular ever since the onset of colour photographs. Recently however,  there’s been a significant surge in the amount of photographers now…

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photography workshops
Photography Workshops… Work
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Photography workshops are some of the most interesting in the training sessions and all students long for the time they will finally get into the field to use the skills…

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professional photography
When to Hire a Professional Photographer
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Naturally, you want your pictures to be the best as possible. Your initial thoughts may be to simply do it yourself. However some situations just call for a little bit…

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Beginners Landscape Photography Hints & Advice: Part 2
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Last time in our Beginners Landscape Photography Hints & Advice: Part 1 we touched the surface, now let’s take off the lid and dig deeper with some technical know-how! Think About…

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landscape photography hints
Beginners Landscape Photography Hints & Advice: Part 1
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Whether or not you’re an avid and proficient photographer or just happen to be getting started, the fantastic landscape photographs you’ll see on exhibition, online or in print all share…

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photo studio
Benefits of Photo Studio Rental
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It can seem to be a tad intimidating shooting in a full-fledged photography studio. A great deal of photographers opt to shoot outdoors because of monetary/budget restrictions and also being…

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Getting the Most Out of Your New Camera
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With the holiday season now over perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to receive a new digital camera as a gift. But once the wrapping paper’s off, you might be wondering…

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